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Medical Weight Loss in Carrollton, TX
Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Starting at $99

Weight Loss in Carrollton, TXWeight Loss – Safely Under Medical Supervision

Medical Weight Loss in Carrollton, TX: Our clinic offers our very own Medically Supervised Weight Loss program. We believe our method is the fastest, most effective way for someone to lose extra pounds. With medical supervision, we help speed your body’s ability to burn fat, while reducing appetite and increasing energy levels. Our team does not leave a stone un-turned and guides each patient until their goals are met. Most importantly, we teach you how to take better care of your health, get you moving safely to be more active and show you how to best select foods so the weight does not return.

*All reasonable efforts will be made to determine if you are a good candidate for this medically supervised weight loss program before the program is initiated. If you are found to be a good candidate for this weight loss program and get started then we will assist you in your effort to lose weight. There are many factors which determine the amount of weight loss which an individual can lose safely. As such, it is important to note that participation in this weight loss program can not guarantee a specific amount of weight loss and results will vary for each individual. Call us at (972) 478-5538 to find out more about our weight loss program in Carrollton, Texas.


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FDA Approved Medication

FDA approved medications will help you manage your appetite and curb cravings.*

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Nutrition and Fitness Consulting

Nutrition and fitness counseling will help you adhere to healthy lifestyle changes.*

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Lipo/B12 Injections

Boost your metabolism and fat burning ability with B-complex vitamins and amino acids.*

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Weight Loss Tools

With today’s technology, it is easy to count calories, track sleep and log exercise daily.*

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Doctor Support

You’ll receive ongoing support during this medically-supervised program.*

How does medical weight loss work?

The process is simple and pressure-free. One of our Wellness Consultants in our Carrollton location will review your health history, weight loss goals and prior successes and failures. This takes about 15-20 minutes. We review our program and the options you can choose from in regards to particular products. After that, if you’re ready to start losing weight, our doctor performs an examination and orders blood work, prior to starting treatments.  Once we determine you are qualified, we prescribe FDA-approved medications and supplements. Our goal is to reduce your appetite so you eat less, without the difficult food cravings most dieters endure.

We help you choose the appropriate duration of our program based on your needs, goals and which aspects you choose to implement. For those needing several months of Medical Weight Loss, our physician sees you weekly to help decide which medications to continue and assess your progress on the program.  During these weekly check-ins, you will also have an exercise session in order to learn the do’s and don’t’s of exercise while participating in our program.  Our medically supervised weight loss programs have enabled hundreds of patients to lose thousands of pounds.  What do you have to lose but the weight?


Our philosophy for treatment is simple. We treat our patients just like they are family! We encourage them to live a more healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on movement. We believe that motion is the key to life. When you’ve lost your motion, you’re not really living. We address not only your aches and pains with our treatments, but your overall function is our concern as well. We strive to treat everyone the way we would want to be treated.

Our mission is to raise up a healthy community without the use of needless drugs and surgeries, educating them in the proper care of the human frame and its role in the prevention of disease.

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