Core Values of Trinity Integrated Medical

  1. Excellence – Our team brings the Spirit of Excellence to everything we do.  “How can I be better today in my role as a member of this team?  Where can I add value?” This is our motto.
  2. Committed – When it comes to the delivery of service to our patients, we are all in.  Like a poker player who believes in his hand so strongly that he is willing to “bet the farm” that he has the competition beat, we are committed to creating the best overall patient experience.
  3. Innovative -We live by the motto:  “Everything is figureoutable”.  We don’t get stressed out because we know that we can find the answer to all of our issues.  We figure stuff out!
  4. Consistent – We are consistent in our thoughts, words and actions.  We work in a drama-free-zone!  We avoid “highs and lows” in the office environment.
  5. Teamwork – We believe whole-heartedly in a teamwork approach.  This mentality is what allows us to thrive when things get tough. The next person in line steps up and helps out.  When its comes to our patient’s outcomes, we thrive on collaboration!
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