Our Chiropractors serve as the treating doctors and deliver the hands on treatment methods to correct the spine.  In freeing up the joints of the spine, the nervous system is able to heal and correct many issues that are caused by these misalignments called Subluxations.  These misalignments are corrected through a series of adjustments.  With over 100 different documented techniques to adjust the spine, our doctors are confident in finding the best fit for you.  Some techniques offer gentle, quiet movement while others are more aggressive.  Regardless of the technique, the end result is less stiffness in the joints, better range of motion, decreased pain, less nerve pressure and better health.

Our complete postural evaluation, which includes spinal x-rays in most cases, will give us the information needed to move forward with corrective care.  Corrective care includes both the relief care phase and the rehabilitative care phase.  Our corrective care model gives our patients the assurance that the issues causing their problems have been corrected, not just covered up.  In order to effectively deliver this corrective care, we utilize a second set of digital x-rays about 2 months in, and explain what has actually changed in the patient’s body.

Whether you are in severe pain or looking for preventative care, our doctors will evaluate and treat you accordingly… like one of the family.  Call or click on the light gray box below to schedule a complimentary evaluation to see if yours is a problem we can help.

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