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"Before I came in for treatment, I consistently had lower back pain from when I fractured my ankle. It caused pressure in my back due to being 'offset'. With treatments at this clinic, my overall back pain has gone down to a minimum, and my sinuses have even cleared up!"

− Jimmy McKiel - Azle, Texas

"I no longer have that nagging pain in my lower back. My upper back pain that went into my shoulder has diminished tremendously. After starting treatment at Trinity, I can really feel the difference in my posture, I now stand much straighter. Thanks to Trinity!"

− Dora Escobar - Carrollton, TX

"I am now walking without a cane like when I first started treating here. I am able to get out of bed in the morning without screaming. I came in on my first day here walking perpendicular to the floor, not able to stand better than a 45 degree angle... I am walking out straight today! Thank you, Dr. Tim, and your wonderful staff."

− Cathy Rossi - Little Elm, TX

"I started going to Trinity for treatments about 2 months ago. I had injured my back about a year ago. The pain just would not go away. Pills didn't help. Even PT at another clinic did not help. I was dizzy, had nerve pain, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, neck pain and severe headaches. I could not sleep at night. I am not completely well yet, but I am so much better now thanks to the doctors at Trinity."

− Pat Saunders - Dallas, TX

"For 15 years, I have suffered from migraines. Since coming here for treatments for the past month, I have not had even one migraine headache! Thank you so much for helping me."

− Sofia Feliciano - Prosper, TX

"I had been having severe and serious neck and shoulder pain. I could not easily go to sleep without pain. But since I started coming to Trinity, the pain is gone and I have less tension headaches. My blood pressure is also now normal. I am more relaxed now. I am also able to turn my neck right and left without pain."

− Della Quashie - The Colony, TX

"I am able to do my complete workout regimen with less pain and with more intensity, my energy level has increased and I sleep better at night and feel more rested when I wake up. I was used to 'dealing' with the aches and pains; I did not realize how much better I could feel. Thanks to Trinity Integrated."

− Stephanie Hause - Carrollton, TX

"After getting the non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, the pain I had been feeling in my right leg due to pressure on the sciatic nerve had decreased to the point I was able to lift my leg up from the table with no pain or discomfort. Before this treatment, I was not able to do this. "

− Mark Gall - Lake Dallas, TX

"As a dedicated golfer, I depend on my body to perform at a high rate. Lately, I was experiencing "much pain" in my lower back. After several treatments, my back pains have improved and I am once again able to perform at a very impressive rate. Thank you very much."

− Carlos Castro - Frisco, TX

"I came in hardly able to walk. The doctors at Trinity fixed me. I was in constant pain for the past 12 years. I have never felt this good and slept so well. I am eternally grateful for the work they have done on me. I feel great!"

− Aaron Langley - Frisco, TX

"I have found that through my treatment here at Trinity, I no longer have tension headaches. I have more restful sleep at night and I have a much better range of motion in my neck area. I also appreciate their understanding and knowledge of how our spinal function directly effects the entire body in so many ways. A healthy spine is a healthy body."

− Kim Doreck - Carrollton, TX

"When I first came to Trinity, I had pain in my neck and in both shoulders. Now the pain in my shoulders is gone and my neck has gotten much better. My back is also feeling much better. I have been feeling better ever since I started coming here and I could not have chosen a better place to come."

− Mary Bryant - Dallas, TX

"I was diagnosed with degenerative disease in my neck about 10 years ago and the pain in my neck and shoulder were getting worse. It was bothering me when I slept, while driving, playing tennis and exercising. Having no previous experience with a chiropractor, I decided to give it a try over having surgery. Within the first week of treatment I was feeling better. Seven weeks later, I am sleeping better and have little or no pain."

− Jill Reist - Carrollton, TX

"I came in with lower back pain and knee pain and stiffness. I had not been able to bend over and tie my shoes in years!! After sitting down for an hour or so, my lower back would get so stiff, I could not stand up for a minute or two. After only 3 weeks at Trinity, using the decompression stretching machine, I could bend and tie my own shoes. I have felt better recently than I have in years!"

− Jaime Shore - Carrollton, TX

"I came in with numbness and tingling in my hands, loss of fine motor skills in the right hand and neck and lower back pain. It was probably the result of a pinched nerve. After I came to Trinity for about 2 months, I am no longer in pain and I'm getting the feeling back in my hands and the use of my right hand is also getting better. I definitely recommend Trinity. You should give them a try."

− Jenny Franklin - Frisco, TX

"My allergies were killing me. They were out of control. I was taking three allergy medications per day. When I heard that treatments from Trinity might be able to help me, I was excited to give it a try. What the heck could it hurt? Since starting treatments 8 weeks ago, I have taken five allergy pills total! I have not had to even go get a steroid shot like before. Thanks, Dr. Tim and staff, for fixing me!"

− Rebecca Langley - Frisco, TX

"My neck was in bad shape before I starting coming to Trinity. After the first six month treatment plan, I felt much better and even experienced improvement in my blood pressure... so much so that my doctor took me off of blood pressure medication. After treating on their wellness plan for a year and a half, my blood pressure has dropped to under 120/80 all the time!"

− Dale Cook - The Colony, TX

"I am so grateful to Trinity because they have cured my migraines. I used to have them at least twice a month and the medical bills were unreal. I will always be grateful to Trinity for what they have done for me."

− Cleora Rawlins - Carrollton, TX